Best Mountain Bikes Under $200

Mountain biking is so much more than just a fantastic workout – it’s a chance to explore unfamiliar territory, meet new people and see new things.

Whether you’re exploring a new trail or enjoying nature’s challenges, there’s never a boring moment when you’re hitting those pedals.

Avid mountain bikers and newbies love it for several reasons, but one thing’s for sure – you can’t beat how engaged you are. Branches, big rocks, wild life, slippery leaves …your brain is always thinking about your next move and what obstacle you have next.

You’ll find yourself looking forward to the next mile or the next route, as you soak in the breath-taking views around you.

Why You Should Buy a Mountain Bike

Mountain biking can bring your workout routine to a whole new level. Between the unexpected terrain, structure of the actual bike and the gear you use, your heart is going to be beating like a drum. This will help to cut back on your risk of any heart-related problems, as your heart is going to be in great shape.

In fact, one study decided to take a look at the health benefits behind it. They looked at a group of 10,000 people who rode their mike for at least 20 miles each week. Their findings? The risk of having coronary heart disease was decreased by almost half.

That’s the physical benefits of mountain biking. What about the mental side?

Unbeknownst to most, mountain biking comes with its fair share of mental wellness. A lot of mountain bikers love the bonding experience that goes along with it. It’s a great chance to spend time with your friends and make new ones with similar interest.

The best part? You don’t have to spend any time trying to decide where to go or what to do – you just hit the trails and go from there.

Despite all the brain activity and problem-solving while mountain biking, your body and mind can be at complete peace. Mountain biking leads you to stunning scenery a lot faster than hiking or walking, and you won’t forget it. Nothing beats the silence that comes along with being on the top of a mountain or in the middle of a magical forest.

This tranquillity scenery following a sweat-inducing workout is why most people love mountain biking – you can’t beat that one-on-one connection with nature. When it comes down to it, a lot of avid bikers stick with mountain biking because it’s safer. There are no cars to worry about when you’re trekking through the beautiful woods.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring with your mountain bike. Most mountain bikers stick to trail riding, because it’s the best option when it comes to mixing up climbs and descents. It can also be quite sociable, since there’s nothing better than meeting up with a couple of friends and hitting the trails. You’ll have fun and have a great workout, too!

Mountain bikes are a great choice for cross-country riding, too. If you’re thinking about competing or entering a race, you’ll want to work your way up to cross-country riding. Here, you’ll be riding fast and powerfully.

Finding The Right Mountain Bike For You

If you’re looking into a mountain bike, or considering replacing your current one, you’re likely looking for a great bike at a great price. With all the options to pick from, how do you know the right bike for you?

No need to worry about finding a good bike at an even better price – that’s what we’re going to do for you in this article. Mountain bikes can be affordable. And you can find yourself racing through the woods or biking up that mountain before you know it.

We’ll strip away all the fancy packaging and shipping options, and get right down to what you care about – the bike and all the features it has to offer.

Each bike brings its own features to the table, with some focused on comfort while others focus on distance and durability. It all depends on your preference and what you’re looking for in your next adventure.

Check out these top 10 mountain bikes on Amazon under $200. Not only will they fit your budget, but they’ll fit your lifestyle and adventures, too.

Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $200

        1. Northwoods Aluminum 21-Speed Full Suspension

Whatever trail you decide on, you’ll love this full suspension mountain bike.

With the 26-inch frame and colorful options available, it’s the perfect choice for meeting some of your friends for a new adventure.

With a body made completely of aluminum with full suspension and comfortable seats, the sky is the limit.

You’ll also find 24-inch alloy rims and the smooth paddle, which is perfect for bumpy rides and long trips. You won’t need to worry about your safety while riding on this comfortable bike.

The bike also boasts a 21-Speed twist shifters to get you up and down those tough hills. It’s nice and easy to assemble, as well as being available at a great price!

Although the bike may be on the heavy side, it offers a strong and reliable solution to your mountain biking needs.


2. Schwinn Men’s 21-Speed High Timber

One of the top choices in men’s mountain bikes under $200, you’ll find a sharp looking, comfortable bike with Schwinn’s High Timber, 27.5” Wheel Mountain Bike.

One of the most desirable aspects of this bike is the fact that it comes in various sizes and colors.

If you’re looking for a bike that’ll make you feel nice and comfortable, this is the bike for you, with the brakes and paddle ensuring smooth ride.

The body is made completely of steel, making it strong and durable so, you’ll stay in control of those rough paths with the suspension offered.

Unlike the previous bike, this one lightweight with robust wheels providing you with added stability.

The bike also comes with added comforts, such as the convenient water bottle holder.


3. OMAAI 27-Speed Mountain Bike

The wide tires and front dual suspension the OMAAI 27-Speed has to offer puts this mountain bike under $200 at the top of our list.

The strongly-constructed allow wheels ensure even more stability, handling even the rockiest of mountains or steepest of country roads.

The aluminum alloy hardtail frame, which is hand-built, handles twists and turns like no other.

The bike comes 85% assembled. However, you’ll have to install pedals, front wheel, bike seat, handlebar and inflate the bike tires.

Front dual suspension is present, which should help to keep the ride nice and even.

The wide knobby mountain tires are made for all terrain and sit on top of durable alloy wheels, meaning you’ll find top-of-the-line stability here.

You’ll also get the classic mountain biking experience with the hand-built aluminum alloy hardtail frame. The custom-formed ad butted tubing adds lightweight rigorousness for added durability

To top it all off, a 12-month, risk-free warranty is offered, showing confidence in the bikes ability to last.

Overall, this bike is a very well-made product that comes with instructions on how to assemble it.


4. Stowabike 26” 18-Speed MTB V2

This mountain bike is in high demand right now, mostly due to its affordable price and latest and greatest features.

One of the best parts about this bike is that it’s fold-able.

The rubber grip and handlebar give the rider a nice, balanced ride, while the steel brakes keep you nice and safe.

The size of the bike is decent, with a total length: 67.3 x 23.2 x 55.1 inches, which when folded comes in at 38.2 x 12.6 x 29.5 inches.

Shock springs are also features, which are designed to absorb vibrations, making for a smoother ride as you cruise across rough terrain.

A heavy duty kickstand also features, which is made out of steel, ensuring a safe landing at each and every stop.

The handy fold-able design makes the bike easy to transport, so you can stick it into your car and take it wherever you want!

Perfect for any level of experience rider, however, it may be more suited to a taller stature, as it’s not the smallest bike around.


5. Huffy Men’s Granite Mountain Bike

If you’re looking for a fantastic mountain bike under $200, this Huffy Men’s granite mountain bike is a great option.

It’s made specifically with tough terrain in mind, as the frame is made out of steel.

However, you’ll only find yourself cruising along a comfortable ride, since the seat and springs throughout the bike absorb most of the shock for you.

With soft handlebars that are easy to grip, you’ll have no problem zipping around on this 36.74-pound bike. The strong handles and easy-to-grab grips are perfect for even the toughest of trails

You’ll find yourself zipping around on this budget-conscious mountain bike, with 18-speeds and twist shifting. No hard gear changes here.

The bike comes in a beautiful midnight blue color with the alloy rims being both lightweight and weather-resistant.

Thanks to the front shock absorber, there’s less pressure on the front tires making for a more enjoyably ride, which is also helped by user-friendly twist shifting.

This bike offers fantastic value, however is only really suitable for men.


6. Northwoods Pomona Women’s Duel Suspension Bike

Comfort is the name of the game with this aluminum frame bike.

The 26” steel 35-spoke wheels have custom-designed cruiser tires, so you’ll get a once-in-a-lifetime look.

Because of the dual suspension frame, the bike absorbs the bumps along the way – not you.

You’ll love how this bike can keep you going for extra miles, as you pedal away.

It boasts a very comfortable seat and a full-cover chain guard with the handlebar featuring ergo fit steel and twist shifters.

Unlike the previous bike, this one is available for both men and women and offers a beautiful color selection including, pink and mint green/silver.

The bike is suitable for tall and heavy-set riders due to the ability to raise and lower the seat accordingly and the fact that it’s very sturdy and durable.

In terms of handling, it’s easy to control, no matter what the terrain may be, as the tires work great on grass and paved surfaces.

If you’re looking for a water bottle holder, this bike may not be for you. Also it can take at least an hour to assemble. Even though it comes with instructions, the instructions can be difficult to understand and the bike may not be put together well enough to ride.

Also it has been said that because of the rear shock absorb mechanism, you will hear every bump you hit.

However, for the price and features offered, this bike is definitely worth a look!


7. Dynacraft 26” Speed Air Blast Bike for Women

If you’re looking for comfort, style and adaptability, this is the bike for you.

With plenty of colors available and a space filler that allows both adult women and young girls to ride, this bike is a great fit for all.

The back spring ensures you’ll have a comfortable ride, no matter the rocky territory.

It’s a great option for someone just starting to get into mountain biking and curious to see where the trails can take them.

This bike is a comfortable, fashionable choice for women and also come with a Lifetime warranty on the frame, so ride with that safely in your mind!

You’ll feel in control of your ride with brakes on the front and rear. The saddle comes padded as well as the handlebar grips being smooth and easy to grab.

This bike is designed for women and may not be suitable for taller people, as even with seat lowered all the way down, it may be too tall for some users.

Overall you’re getting a great, quality mountain bike for all occasions and adventures at a great price.


8. 24″ Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike

Here we have a mountain bike aimed at the younger generation.

Conveniently sized slightly smaller than traditional men’s bikes, this bike offers a great way into the world of mountain biking for your kids.

The bike does not come fully assembled, so if you’re ordering this a a gift for your kid, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to assemble, you may even need to head to a bike shop for assistance. However, users have reported that assembly only took around 15 minutes!

The steel full suspension frame and fork, should provide a nice smooth ride, whilst absorbing the bumps of rougher terrain.

The bike makes use of 21-speed twist shifters to allow for precise gear changes.

The majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive and for the price, this really looks to be a great started bike for children!

9. Kent T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re heading to your next triathlon, this Ken T-29 mountain bike can handle it all.

A solid frame and strong brakes will get you through even the toughest of terrains.

No need to worry about getting it to your next adventure – with its lightweight aluminum frame, you won’t have any issues getting it from A to Z.

This well designed mountain bike can hold heavier riders (up to 300 pounds) and can comfortably fit riders from 5’6” to 6”.

The alloy 29-inch rims are lightweight and offer rotational weight lower down, as compared to steel rims, so you’ll feel more in control of the bike.

Because the bike only comes 85% assembled, you will have to do the rest. However, this is another great option for brand-new bikers or veteran riders.


10. GTM 26” 7-Speed Folding Shimano Hybrid Suspension MTB Mountain Bike

Go for miles with minimal vibration with the newly designed bike frame and suspension fork.

Resilient construction and lightweight design are ideal for taking this mountain bike on the go.

It’s a lightweight bike and measures 26”, making it the perfect selection to get you through a wide range of surfaces.

Then, when you’re done, you can fold it up with minimal effort as it only takes three steps to easily fold this bike up.

When folded, it’s small in size, so it can be easily stored in the back of a car or in the corner of a room

Because the tires are large and the steel frame is sturdy, you’ll feel in control while comfortable.

The bike comes mostly ready assembled, except for the front wheel, handle, saddle and paddles. You’ll get tools and assembly instructions to help complete construction.

Both the handlebars and the seats can be adjusted to fit most rider’s needs, so will fit a range of heights.

In terms of age ranges, realistically, anyone seven years of age and older can enjoy riding this bike.

Overall this is a good looking bike, for a very reasonable price!


Best Mountain Bike Under $200 For You?

When it comes down to it, the best mountain bike under $200 all depends on your personal preferences. Your ideal mountain bike is likely different than other avid riders. Consider what you want to use the bike for and what matters most to you. Is it getting to your destination quickly? Or is it a comfortable ride through nature?

If you’re looking for the convenience, you’ll likely want to go with the Stowabike 26” 18-Speed MTB V2. This is a great option for so many mountain bikers because of the foldable aspect. The 26-inch frame folds, making it easy to throw into the back of your car and head off to your next adventure.

Mountain Bike RoadAnd, because the paddle is so smooth, you won’t spend as much energy peddling and getting nowhere.

Another feature that can’t be beat is easy assembly and the convenience of having a water bottle holder. The Schwinn Men’s High Timber mountain bike has those two features, as well as many others to keep you comfortable during your ride.

Because of the full-steel body, durable frame and suspension, you won’t walk away from your ride hurting. Instead, this bike keeps you in control during your ride, no matter how rough, so you can enjoy it.

Plus, with the Shimano twist shifters and 21-speed back derailleur, you can change your gear at the hit of a button. This definitely comes in handy while you’re racing through the woods and need to make a quick change in gear.

Looking for a more versatile choice? The Northwoods Full Suspension Aluminum mountain bike is another great choice under $200. Not only is it fun to look at it in various colors, but it provides a strong frame and 24-inch alloy rims, making it ideal for hitting those tough paths.

Plus, it can be used by both sexes, so no need to worry about getting his and hers. However, if you need to attach a bucket or move this bike in the blink of an eye, it may be better to go with a lighter mountain bike with more space.

Or, if you’d rather a sharp looking bike that’ll take the roughness out of the road, the Dynacraft Women’s Air Blast mountain bike is the one for you. Because it features back springs, you can always count on getting a comfortable ride. Plus, the seat is nice and cushiony, so you won’t have to worry about any aches or pains.

It’s a fantastic bike at an even better price and is very easy to assemble.

Final Thoughts…

After checking out this list, you now have quite a few mountain bike options under $200 to pick from.

Regardless of what you decide to go with, it’s critical that you’re comfortable and feel confident behind the wheel of your next mountain bike.

Start small and local before you decide to hit the big, risky trails. It takes some time to get used to a new bike, no matter how long you’ve been doing it.

Each bike is made different, and there may be a bit of a learning curve that comes along with your new bike.

Either way, mountain biking is a wonderful, unique way to enjoy the great outdoors and get away from it all. Where will your new bike take you?

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