Best Shoes For Running on Concrete

Hi my name’s Jacki and I’m a keen runner!

However, when it comes to the best shows for running on concrete, there is often massive debate.

As humans, we want to be skinny and fit. We want to work out every day comfortable without any qualms, and still look good doing it.

Society says if you are running then you need certain types of shoes. They Say things like; this is the shoe you need to look good! Or another advertisement says it is one hundred percent comfort guaranteed!

Advertisements try to convince you that everyone has the same feet. Yet, this is not the reality we face in this world. There are no one pair of shoes that fit every single person perfectly.

Everyone is different. Shoes are just one of the ways we express our individuality. Life is too short to listen to what society thinks is best for you.

They’re your feet! Wear what works for you! For instance, me as a runner I do not run the same way everyone else does my body doesn’t flow like someone does.

I am twenty-eight years old, I am a mom, I am a wife and I am in the military. I am a business professional that sits all day every day with wide feet and bad knees.

There is no way that the same shoe works for me that works for a seventeen-year-old track star!

So, I decided to fight back against society and do my own research, maybe it will help you.

What Are The Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shoe?

There are about a million things to consider when shopping for your perfect shoe (Well maybe not a mil, but close!)

Gathering from research different people care about different things in a running shoe. Yet, the most common traits mentioned are weight and durability.

Another group of traits desired are stability and comfort above all else. The goal is to find something YOU are comfortable running in, what works for you doesn’t work for other people.

The problem is that there are so many choices on the market!

What Kind of Running do I Actually do on Concrete?

Are you planning on running a marathon?

Are you trying to pass your physical fitness test?

The motivation for the run needs to be identified when shopping or you are liable to get the wrong shoe. For instance, the color of the shoe sole actually has a purpose to its design. Did you know that? 

I did not know this when I started this article, it is fascinating to find out! In my research I discovered that black soles and colored soles are different.

For instance, black soles are made out of the same material we make car tires out of.These are great because it makes them reliable and durable.

The problem is however, these shoes tend to be HEAVY. Me personally, I need my shoes to be lightweight, I am a petite woman. When my shoes are heavy, its like an entire workout within the run itself, which is obnoxious.

White/colored soles tend to be made out of blown rubber. That is exactly what it sounds like, these shoes are made mostly out of air in the soles.

It is lower density, on the softer side that does not weigh as much as the black soles. The difference between the two is that these shoes are made for different surfaces.

Although the black soles are heavy, they can withstand the damage of running on concrete. Due to the durability, the shoes will take most of the impact shock for you.

The white soles are made for tracks, gym equipment and off-road running. This is because there is less impact and more spring to your step or so to speak.

So Many Polls, Who is Telling The Truth?!

During this research I came across the Running Guru website where they had held a recent poll on this exact topic.

They established that there are three shoes ideal for running. Their decisions were; the Asics Gel Cumulus 20, the Brooks Glycerin 16 and the New Balance 890v6.

What makes these shoes so special? Let’s find out.

The Asics Gel Cumulus 20 was labelled as the best neutral running shoe because it is a good daily trainer shoe. It works great for shock absorption with successful cushioning from toe to heel. Unfortunately, the negative to this shoe is it can be too sturdy and stiff. This was a negative for me, I need my shoe to work with my foot because I constantly end up in pain otherwise!

The Brooks Glycerin 16 was called a great marathon shoe because it has a perfect balance. The balance was between cushion and flexibility which is what I need as a runner.

The negatives outlined however, is that the insole is not secured enough. For instance, in extreme weather running the shoe itself had issues. One issue was that drying out after being soaked took an eternity.

The New Balance 890v6 was identified as the best marathon running shoe. According to Running Guru it has great traits. These traits included breathability and stability due to a unique foam midsole material.

It was mentioned that due to the updates New Balance has made to these shoes, they can be very heavy when running. This negative trait is a deal breaker for me as it would not work in my petite state.

What do Actual Reviews say?

This year, ran their own research focused on concrete running. Wired Runner ran a poll and came out with a pretty impressive list.

This poll placed the Brooks Glycerin 16 at the top of their list. The positives were the flexibility and its ability to conform to wide feet.

This piqued the interest of someone like me with platypus feet. Yet, they caution use of this shoe due to its heavy weight.

The trade-off though is that it has great ankle support and makes your feet feel more secure. According to a variety of reviews, this information could be identified as true. There were many different Brooks brand shoes annotated on this list.

Throughout the list there are a couple shoes under a brand I am unfamiliar with called Hoka. From what I could gather, this brand looks like they specialize in support and neutral shoes. The consensus according to the Hoka reviews is that the shoes are heavy and unresponsive.

Another brand that keeps popping up on this list is Asics. These provide great cushion, stability and are great for people with narrow feet toe to heel.

That is also a negative trait to them as well though. Most reviews stated wide feet will not find comfort in these shoes. The other point made about these shoes was that besides the narrowness they are heavy to boot.

Last but not least there are Saucony, ALTRA, and Mizuno brands listed in their poll. The Saucony brands have great cushion and have ISOFIT and EVERUN traits. ISOFIT technology allows the shoe to adapt to your feet when running. This would be great if you are like me and bounce between different running styles. The EVERUN tech allows for durable long-term cushion.

As techy as these shoes are, the tongue looks like it bunches up according to reviews. One customer said that the traction is nonexistent or severely lacking. Another con to the Saucony brand is that the upper parts of the shoe have been noted as being inflexible. The negative to this is if you have sensitive ankles it could cause you some issues when running on concrete.

The Mizuno reviews on the poll reflect that these shoes have great cushion. The great cushion is accompanied by impressive traction and arch support.

The negatives however show that they are often narrow. The sizing runs small as well, which would not work for people with wide feet.

Last but not least, the ALTRA brand, this is another one I am unfamiliar with personally. According to this poll, the Altra Paradigm shoes are their most cushioned. Due to this amazing cushion, they would be great to run on concrete with. Despite all of the cushion though, the shoes are still light and really responsive.

Another customer said they loved the shoes and they do not need the break-in time most running shoes do. Due to this design, it has been discovered that the upper part of the shoe is shallow and high stack heights.

I am a very short person, my fear is that the stack height would reach too high on my little legs. This would lead to discomfort instead of a comfortable long-distance experience.

Since there were so many polls and lists out there, I decided to ask people I know in real life.

What Brands do my Friend Chase?

After asking some of my marathon running friends I discovered that there is no right answer here.

However, there was one specific brand people like to use and it was Brooks. They enjoyed the cushion and flexibility, the stability and durability for running marathons.

I also found out that another popular brand was Newton, which is not a company I had ever heard of before. My marathon friends explained that their Kismet running shoe has great comfort.

There were no issues when in use. This included no blisters or shin splints, with record break in time.

The final reason was that they lasted a very long time for this person and they run on concrete all the time. I made a note of these details and asked about the Brooks brand as well.

The Brooks Ghost shoe was identified as instrumental in training performance. A friend of mine explained that Brooks has never given her blisters or shin splints.

She also stated that Brooks also does different seasonal themes with their shoes. For instance, right now, they are running an ugly Christmas sweater shoe. This was very interesting to learn.

After learning these details I decided it was time to see what else I could find on Newton and Brooks brands.

The Newton Shoe Science!

The Newton Kismet 4 shoe was celebrated as a perfect fusion of stability and comfort. This information was found on their website along with some of their shoe secrets.

Newton had listed the science behind the model for this shoe as well as blueprints. Once I dug a little deeper, I realized there is a lot of research and time put into these shoes.

It didn’t feel like I was looking at one of the bigger chains that society deems better than any other brand.

The Newton model for the Kismet shoe is simple and makes perfect sense. They have established a unique level platform build for their shoes. The design follows the natural movement of the foot when running. It was fascinating!

Instead of adding height to their heel design like most players in the shoe industry they made it lower. This floored me, this simple adjustment makes it so there isn’t such a stark contrast from heel to toe!

This is one of those things you never think about! Most running shoes I have used have a thicker or bigger heel design to try and compensate the cushioning. I never realized until this moment that I hate feeling like I am wearing high heels or platforms when I am running!

There is more where that came from! The Newton brand has a secret in their action/reaction formula. This formula provides less energy loss when running. This design is somewhat modeled after the experience you have on a trampoline.

Last but not least, the Newton shoe specializes in full foot cushioning. Most shoes focus on either the toe or the heel for cushion, not Newton. The aim for balance between each end of a foot.

Is Brooks the Best Shoe Brand?

The Brooks shoe brand is “revolutionary” according to their website. Looking at their product development page I found some interesting information.

Brooks uses a variety of unique technology. We will only focus on technology that affects flexibility, cushion and health benefits.

Brooks utilizes their 3D Fit Print technology. This offers great flexibility, and lighter weight. This is where they get their idea of a revolutionary process.

Another high tech feature they use helps your hips, knees and joints. In addition to this health benefit, they use a rounded heel instead of a mainstream heel. This rounded heel helps the ankles which limits internal stress caused by running.Both of those things are amazing qualities to have in a shoe if you ask me!!

The final process we are focusing on is the cushion. Brooks uses something called ‘Super DNA’. This has been annotated as an adaptable material placed in the mid-sole for extra comfort.

Personally, I need a lot of comfort when I run, and Brooks have never let me down. Many of the friends I asked said the same thing.

For more solidified information I decided to go back to the basics for this article. To me, the obvious answer was reduced to Newton vs Brooks.

These were the two super shoes that kept coming up in my hunt for the best shoe out there.

Which is More Affordable? Newton vs Brooks?

Now we have narrowed the brands down to two brand choices. I figured it was time to allow price its time in the limelight for a bit.

Once logged into Amazon, I typed ‘brooks tennis shoe reviews. The Brooks Women’s Ariel ’16 shoe was marked at an impressive score of four and a half stars. The same was true for the Brooks Men’s Adrenaline Gts 17.

The Brooks women’s Addiction 13 marked at 4 stars. Noting the interesting ratings for these three shoes I looked at the price as well.

I know all too well how difficult shoe price is for runners these days. I focused on 3 types of shoes from Brooks, which I have listed below. I have included a check price link, as the prices on Amazon tend to change often, so I’ts best if you check for yourself!

The Brooks Ariel: Check Price

The Men’s Adrenaline: Check Price

Finally, the Women’s addiction: Check Price

Now it was time to research the Newton shoes. The first thing I noticed when I typed Newton Kismet shoe into the search bar was that the prices are much better.

This was a hit for me right off the bat. The first shoe I saw had a four-and-a-half-star rating, the others had four stars. There were also a couple of five stars scattered among the list.

Again, I’ve narrowed their shoes down to 3 types, which you can check below.

The Newton Kismet Running shoe: Check Price

The Newton Running Kismet 2: Check Price

Finally, the Newton Running Women’s Kismet 3: Check Price

The differences between the two are definitely the prices. The Newton shoe’s tend to be more affordable, but that does depends on which type you choose.

Additionally, the Newton shoes seemed to have more vibrant colors. However, I am not swayed by the star rating alone!! I decided to dig a little deeper and find out what the reviews actually said about the shoes.

I found out some good information. This was the moment for me that would define which shoe had the best bang for your buck!

No one wants to spend a ton of money on shoes to run in.

The Reviews! Part one: How Good is the Brooks brand?

The first shoe I looked for was the Brooks Women’s Ariel ’16 Overpronation Stability running shoe.

This shoe, according to the reviews run small. Customers suggested that someone order a half size bigger than usual because of it.

I also learned that their sizes are weird. They have different codes for each shoe, for instance an EE is extra wide shoe.

A customer also stated that buying this shoe was the best decision they ever made and worth the price! Yet, they also said their only complaint was that the shoe pulled on their ankle socks

Last but not least, the final review I found interesting. The customer stated they had Plantar Fasciitis and the shoe was perfect for them. Additionally they had barely any break in time. This was the only Brooks shoe review I documented in the article.

What I learned though was that the toe box was too small for customers who tried these Ariels out. The consensus was that the cushion in the Brooks shoes were perfect. It was also identified as great for stability.

Some preferred the Adrenaline type from Brooks instead of the Ariel. These reviews increased my curiosity for the Newton brand.

The Reviews! Part Two: How Good is the Newton brand?

As interesting as I found the Brooks shoes, I was dying to know more about the Newton shoes.

The cost factor played a huge part in this because of the vast price difference between the two brands. The Newton shoe I researched reviews on was the Newton Kismet Running shoe.

Right off the bat I saw most of these reviews were 5 stars and had very thought out feedback for the company. This was a good sign. Most the reviews started with the line ‘Hands down best shoe I ever bought’ which was another good sign.

One customer stated that the shoe was awesome and did not cause any foot fatigue or injury while running. Most customers celebrated this shoe as having great cushioning. As well as a perfect fit and they were very light when in use.

Customers cautioned that the shoes take some getting used to. This shoe is Newton’s stability shoe, so it felt different on their feet at first. Many stated it was their favorite shoe.

Many also stated it helped with speed, comfort and technique while running. Others mentioned that it was a tight toe box but is firm and responsive with great rebound.

Last but not least, the general consensus was that these shoes changed many runners’ lives. There were no shin splints or foot pain as well as no break in time.

Which are the Best Shoes for Running on Concrete?

Honestly, I cannot answer that question for you because I do not know your feet. For me, I have always used Brooks brand, but I can’t get behind the price anymore especially since they don’t seem to last long.

I think I might try out these Newton brands myself. All this research points to Newton being a revolutionary piece of footwear!

The important thing when you choose a running shoe is to do your research. You want shoes that will be comfortable, supportive, lightweight and durable.

Take your time, your perfect concrete running shoe will find you.

Happy running!!

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