How Long do Hand Warmers Last?

Hello, my name is Jack and I am always spending time outdoors, whether it is gardening in the summer or snow removal and playing with kids outside in the winter.

I love being outside, but my hands don’t like it in the winter, even with gloves after playing with snow, they get cold and wet so I researched one solution and that was to use hand warmers.

Well I wanted to learn more about what hand warmers work the longest and I have found some useful information that I want to share with all of you in this review. My hands have enjoyed the use of hand warmers and I believe your hands will as well.

Some Handy Uses of Hand Warmers!

Besides the obvious benefit of keeping your hands warm while outdoors in the winter or cooler months, there are many other benefits that make hand warmers great for anyone.

With further research, I have found other useful uses of hand warmers besides just for your hands.

Hand warmers make great sock and boot driers! By throwing them in your boots, they actually get dry pretty fast by sticking a hand warmer in each boot or sock.

Another great idea I researched is, while out camping on a cool night was to put a few hand warmers inside the sleeping bag. While the heat doesn’t last all night, it’s good for when you first get in. I think it was one of the best ideas I researched about hand warmers.

We all get sick once in a while or get a headache when we least expect it. It has been said by many to put a warm compress on your head but we all know how long those stay warm; about 5 minutes. A hand warmer will stay warm much longer than this and it will do the same if not a better job than that hot compress.

While you are out in the winter it is still important to stay hydrated, but water will freeze in the cold so here is a thought… put a hand warmer in your pocket with a water bottle and it keeps the water cool enough to enjoy and prevents it from freezing.

If you are out hiking all day, those muscles can become sore and if you are camping overnight just heat up a hand warmer and put it on those achy muscles, an instant heating pad without the need for electric.

One other benefit I found out by researching hand warmers is that they can keep your batteries warm and charged. People have problems with batteries staying charged in the cold. Well if you activate a hand warmer and put it near the batteries and it will supposedly keep batteries charged for a longer period of time.

How Long do Hand Warmers Stay Warm?

So we all waited for the answer to this question, how long do hand warmers actually last. Well I have found hand warmers last by the temperature outside, obviously the colder it is, the less they will last.

Depending on what type of hand warmer you get, they can last from just a few minutes to the length of an entire day.

Do your research before just buying the first thing you see on a store shelf or in an internet search.

I personally like the longer lasting hand warmers that stay warm for multiple hours because I am usually out for hours.

If you are doing snow plowing/shoveling removal you will need a good stable hand warmer to stay warm or hours on end.

Different Kinds of Hand Warmers

When I started to look for hand warmers for my own personal use, I picked the first ones off the shelf and they did not perform like I thought so then I started to do research. You know what I found out? There are hundreds of hand warmers on the market to choose from.

Like I said above, you can find hand warmers on many store shelves but these normally only last a few minutes to an hour.

There is a chemical reaction that occurs and creates heat when you break apart the inner pouch. These may last a few hours as well but they won’t be as warm as when you first activate them.

A semi long-lasting hand warmer available on the market is the charcoal-filled hand warmer. This type burns charcoal in a special case and they can last up to 6 hours and give a constant heat from the time they are first used until the end of their warming period.

The longest lasting hand warmers I have found on the market are the lighter fluid filled hand warmers. These last between 12 and 24 hours.

When they run out of warmth, all you need to do is refill the packs with lighter fluid.

Another type of hand warmers that I considered but did not purchase were battery operated hand warmers. The only downside is that you would need to carry extra batteries in case the current batteries fail while you are out working.

I was also afraid to see what happens if they get wet, so I steered clear of them but that was my own personal option, they may work for you.

Best Long Lasting Hand Warmers

        #1 Zippo Hand Warmer 2012

The Zippo refillable hand warmers are a great choice due to the long lasting and constant warmth they provide.

They easily slide right into your gloves and keep your hands nice and warm for around 12 hours, well that’s what they advertise anyway!

It may be an idea to have some extra lighter fluid available while you are wearing them, just in case you run past the 12-hour warmer length, which could happen.

The great thing about the Zippo Hand Warmers are that they are light weight and fit any type of glove whether you are working, doing outdoor sports or just sleigh riding with the kids.

Zippo hand warmers produce up to ten times the heat than the single-use hand warmers that you buy in the store.

You can purchase the Zippo Hand Warmer 2012 here

#2 HotSnapZ Gel Hand Warmer

What can I say? Gel hand warmers are still very popular and to be honest.

They will work great in gloves or in your sleeping bag to get it all cozy and warm before you get in to sleep.

They will not last all night but will give a jump start to you staying warm.

Since the gel does not stay warm for a long time, these are best used just when you just get into the sleeping bags to get warm from the cold material. They will work in your gloves as well but only if you are going to be outside for only a few hours.

You can purchase the HotSnapZ Gel Hand Warmers here:

#3 EnergyFlux Ellipse Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Yes, you read it right, rechargeable hand warmer.

Although I did not purchase this or try them myself, the reviews on them seem to have a positive effect on purchasers.

The EnergyFlux has two power settings, 107 degrees that lasts up to 6.5 hours or 115 degrees for 5 hours before returning to room temperature.

The two lithium ion batteries provide enough power to even charge your phone or tablet. It will charge off an AC plug or usb port.

EnergyFlux Ellipse warms on both sides and can even be turned off when not needed to conserve the battery life.

You can purchase the EnergyFlux Ellipse here:

#4 HotHands Hand Warmers

HotHands are great for the 1-time needs or if you don’t spend much time outdoors in the cold temperatures.

You activate HotHands by opening the package and exposing it to the air and shake it.

Then you just slide the pack in your gloves and you are ready to go. If you feel they are getting cool, just pull them back out to the air and they will get warm again.

One benefit to HotHands is that they are relatively cheap and last up to 10 hours so these are perfect for those with a small budget but want to keep their hands warm.

You can purchase HotHands here:

Final Thoughts…

With so many types of hand warmers on the market, this is only the tip of the iceberg of what is available.

You may have found the perfect hand warmer for you that I have described or there may be something that better fits your lifestyle somewhere out there.

Hand warmers are not the only body warmers on the market, you can also get shoe and boot warmers to keep your feet warm too!

If you get cold feet, you may want to look into these as well. The biggest thing I can’t stress enough is do your research before just buying the first hand warmer you see. Make sure you read how long the hand warmer lasts.

Any questions? Leave them below!

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